Iranian Cyber attack on Israeli websites

The Black Shadow Hacking group based out of Iran have struck again and this time on a close neighbour. Popular Israeli websites “Atraf” (an LGBTQ dating site) was targeted for a ransom demand and a leaking of various account usernames when their demands weren’t met on the platform.

Although being known as the “startup nation” and a world leader in the cyber field, the servers of Israel’s internet hosting company “Cyberserve” were infiltrated and brought down. In Israel Cyber Security is more in Oral Law format than written law. This makes it easier for attackers to exploit companies because it’s not clear who is responsible for enforcing cyber security standards. the attacker’s ability to break into dozens of thousands of private accounts on a dating site does not require a mass amount of skill but is still a major breach in privacy. 

“Hello Again! We have news for you,” the hackers said in a message spread on social media on Friday. “You probably could not connect to many websites today. ‘Cyberserve’ company and their customers [were] hit by us. You may ask what about Data? As always, we have lots of it. If you don’t want your data leaked by us, contact us soon.” It’s clear legislation should be put in place to prevent these attacks in the future. This does not mean every company should have over the top cyber defences in place but there are a number of solutions that can be implemented. If you or your business are planning on taking the right measures in applying proper cyber security, Davis Cyber Law can help you ensure that you are taking all the correct precautions!