Protecting your business through strategic planning and advocacy.

Today, more than ever, having an aggressive, focused, and professional legal team on your side is key to ensuring your safety. Davis Cyber Law is here to help protect your interests in the court of law. 

Our Services

Strategic Risk Management Icon

Strategic Risk Management

Reduce regulatory and business continuity risks and protect your reputation. Investigations into data breaches, both externally and internally.
Icon of Advocacy and Defense You Can Count On

Advocacy and Defense You Can Count On

Strong defense team against class action proceedings or litigation related to data and/or privacy breaches.
Privacy and Data Protection Icon

Privacy and Data Protection

Establish clear privacy and data policies and practices to protect your organization and its customers.
Incident Response Investigation and Planning Icon

Incident Response Investigation and Planning

Strategic planning for handling and prevention of data breaches, internally and externally.
Coordination with law enforcement and regulatory bodies.
Legal Liaison and Coordination Icon

Legal Liaison and Coordination

Keep your board of directors and senior staff aware of the latest data protection rules and obligations.

Navigating Governance Strategies Icon

Navigating Governance Strategies

Advising board of directors on managing and mitigating legal liabilities caused by system security and data protection.
Discuss cybersecurity issues for your business!