Recent Social Media Hacks Lead to New Focus on Protection Strategies

The news that over 500 million personal data accounts on Facebook had been exposed in a hacking forum, followed by the news that hackers had scraped data from more than 500 million LinkedIn accounts, has left individuals, organizations and companies wondering how they can protect themselves.  “These could have been largely avoided if robust cyber security incident plans were in place,” states David H. Davis of Davis Cyber Law. “In a world based so much on the Internet, you need to know and understand how hackers can get to your company inner functions and do a major disruption of your business in such a silent manner that you would not know otherwise what is going on or how it is happeningWe can provide guidance to you from a legal perspective to ensure your business is compliant with all regulatory bodies and privacy legislation.”  

While it is often mistakenly assumed that data breaches only happen to large companies that may be more financially intriguing targets, smaller companies and individual websites that collect any data are also at risk.  “Phishing emails, clicking on email messages that may look legit, these can all lead to disastrous results, like the shutting down of your business,” says Davis. “Not only would you have to contact your clients and business partners and admit to them that your company has been breached, which can be extremely embarrassing, you may face soaring insurance rates in the future.”

Now is the time to focus on protecting your business

Davis Cyber Law stresses that now is the time to protect your business. The Davis Cyber Law team will meet with the owners/directors of your business and ask simple questions like: 

  • What third party suppliers do you deal with over the Internet in running your business? 
  • What sensitive/private information do you collect from your clients?  

Companies are at risk.  While data protection software and protocols may be in place, even the most tech savvy organization is at risk not only from data breaches and the loss of business, but from the legal liabilities that come from these situations.  Being prepared is the key. 

Cyber Security Digital Image Representing Recent Social Media Hacks