Schools becoming more vulnerable to Ransomware attacks

Now that the school season is getting under way, most have shifted their attention toward how the pandemic will once again impact education districts. While in reality it is far from the only threat to keeping a safe environment for school. At the beginning of the year is when schools are most likely to experience ransomware attacks and have never been more vulnerable than now. From Aug. 14 to Sept. 12, 2021, educational organizations were the target of over 5.8 million malware attacks, or 63% of all such attacks.

With remote learning being a central element to school education during the pandemic, it has only made it easier for Ransomware attackers to break into schools systems. Often insisting on making even higher payments, realizing schools will feel even more pressure to pay. To decrease the amount of attacks, districts have to meet specific security standards — such as implementing multi-factor authentication. Many schools stay away from this wanting to promote a user friendly system that anyone can access. This only makes it easier for attackers to breach the system.

The number one take away for schools and colleges is that as they continue to face the continuous problems of the pandemic, cybersecurity cannot be placed to the side. Disregarding threats to cybersecurity now can be very costly in the future. If you or your business are planning on taking the right measures in applying ransomware prevention, Davis Cyber Law can help you ensure that you are taking all the correct precautions.