Sri Lanka’s Cabinet approves proposals for Cyber Security Laws

Another day, another country implementing new cyber laws. Sri Lanka’s Cabinet of Minister has granted approval to the proposals to draft a bill named the ‘Defense Cyber Commands Act’ and a bill for imposing cyber protection laws. The decision was made by the President as the minister of defense and the ministry of technology.

With the continuous expansion of electronic communication, terrorist groups and criminals have been using the internet for illegal activities just as much if not more than in the real world. Using Cyberspace and electronic communication to organize Ransomware, Phishing, Malware and all sorts of various attacks. As a result, word has continued to spread about the threat of electronic communication across cyberspace and has been recognized as a critical constituent affecting national security. It shows the importance of spreading news on the subject and the obligatory provisions companies and institutions must carry out which can be established by Armed Forces, Police and other agencies. If you or your business are planning on taking the right measures in applying proper cyber security, Davis Cyber Law can help you ensure that you are taking all the correct precautions.